If so, then Ya$hAka$Ha & The Caduceus Collective is THE intergalactic hip-hop extravaganza for YOU! Combining world-wide tribal acoustic jam vibes with cutting-edge alchemical emceeing and lyricism – the originality of this catchy, phat-paced RAPture is hard to beat. ‘Cause it goes so hard on the beat. A mercurially communal movement of world-changers and music-makers, the nebulous but tight-knit crew travels the world(s) – delivering an unprecedented flow of linguistic sharpitude. We integrate mystical experiences and esoteric studies through our wordsy work. So if you’re looking to get your mind blown open, guess what? You’ve found you’re medicine!

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>>Peace Temple – NY – July 24th

>>Headlining Cafe Paradiso – Fairfield, IA – July 26th

>>Arise Festival – Sunrise Ranch, CO – August 4th-6th

>Mystic Hotsprings – Monroe, Utah – August 8th

>>San Luis Abispo Region, CA – August 10th(?)

>>Playing at Elixart in Nevada City, CA – August 12th(?)

>>Goddess Temple/SachaMama Center – Ashland, OR – August 15th/16th

>>NW Eclipse… Aug 18-23ish

>>Shamanic Boom – Terry Bison Ranch, Wyoming – August 25th-27th

>>Headlining Starwater Wednesdays – Boulder, CO – August 30th

>>Visionary Summit – Paonia, CO – September 2nd-4th

Crestone Energy Fair – Crestone, CO – September 8th-10th

…And more!


Concert Tour Poster

The Boulder House-Starwater Show (Roof-top stage)!
Spring 2017 – West Coast

May 28, 2017 – Tribal Visions Festival!
Summer 2017 – East Coast
…and more

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House of KALI
Sadhana Sagrada

Boys and Girls
-Medicine Warrior

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Stay tuned for new releases and upcoming productions, we have more music videos, live shows, and a fresh album release coming your way!

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1/16/2017 – The Boulder House!
12/29/2016 – Tulum, Mexico
October 14th, 2016 – at Thrive in Boulder, CO — fan-made recordings
May 14th, 2016 – at The Forge underground venue — Excerpt (you must friend me on facebook to view this video)

December 31st, 2015 – Anima Mundi Mandala Party in Boston, MA – watch Excerpt

Bio & View:

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Artist Statement:

Now-a-days, everybody is talking about “Conscious Hip-Hop”. Conscious-this-and conscious-that. Consciousness is great, but Conscious Hip Hop sometimes disregards the origins of Hip Hop culture and the struggles that Hip-Hop is meant to represent.

Understandably, the “conscious hip hop” scene wants to distinguish itself from mainstream entertainment industry, while not glorifying violence, intoxication, greed, and misogyny – common elements of hip hop that perpetuate internalized oppression.

Indeed, rap is meant to raise awareness, but not only about pretty and pleasing realities: it’s also meant to raise awareness about suffering and injustice–to show us society’s blind-spots and shadows.

Hip hop is an explosion of original style and cultural flavor, that miraculously boiled up (like a shining diamond cooked under pressure) from the cauldron of intense disenfranchisement and human experience. It provides an alternative conduit for aggressive and egoic energies, and wakes people up to reality as it is.

I would call my genre Alchemical Rap, because it channels, purges, and transmutes the reality of my base instincts, like lust, power, and competition, into a healthier, creative, and collaborative form of confidence. Emceeing is a form of Alchemy.

My goal as an artist is to cultivate original flavor and to synthesize the new conscious element with the raw expression of root energies and primal vibrations. I am only a student of this art-form and it does not belong to my culture. But the mic is my boo, and love knows no rules or boundaries.

Influences and collaborators:

-Matisyahu, The ReMINDers, Run the Jewels, Immortal Technique, Intuit, Lily Fangz, Shimshai, Srikalogy, One Tribe, Blue Scholars, DJ MAASHA, Optimus Tribe, Nahko Bear, Trevor Hall, The Luminaries, Ixchel Prisma, MF DOOM, J-Cole, Aesop Rock,  Desert Dwellers, Bob Marley, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Fresh Prince, Big L, Eazy-E, The Roots, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, RATM, Jim Morrison, Mike Love, Symphonic, VOE, Lunar Fire, Icaros and mantras, and others!

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…in the meantime, go to: worldchangers.us to learn about our sister project, and to see expressions in various other artistic mediums in the “publications” section!

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