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YashAkasha is an intergalactic Medicinal Hip Hop extravaganza...

Alchemically fusing the ancient art of holistic healing and consciousness expansion through sound-waves with the modern art of YashAkasha's cutting-edge emceeing and fresh bars of poetic fire... ...The lyrics remain deeply conscious and intentional while also staying defiantly true to the gritty roots of the Hip Hop movement as a spiritual and artistic revolution for the people. We maintain the traditional view that Hip Hop is meant to cause Peace, Love, Unity, and Safely Having Fun while providing Health, Knowledge, Awareness, and Wealth for all those in need.

...So if you’re looking to get your mind blown wide open... You’ve finally found you’re medicine!
Enjoy! ;)


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"YashAkasha is the culmination of multiple worlds of medicine from all directions and planes of existence. He draws not only from old-school hip hop but also the ancient traditions at the roots of all humanity. Not just a man, but a communal movement that travels the world(s) – delivering an unprecedented flow of linguistic sharpitude in order to integrate mystical experiences through the magic of lyricism and the power of getting down to fresh beats. YashAkasha is the medicinal hip hop born from the marriage of dedication to the deep roots of sacred traditions and the need to create a new world where all people can turn up in the name of peace and unity."

--Connor Ryan
(Healing Practitioner, Agent of Change, Tour Manager for Dustin Thomas)

One Love

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